Pakistan takes revenge with trump, strict travel restrictions imposed on US diplomats


Islamabad :: After imposing travel restrictions on Pakistan diplomats by the US, Pakistan also imposed cross-border bans on American diplomats in the country on Friday on the lines of the case.

Travel restrictions imposed on Pakistani diplomats in the US are being implemented since Friday. Pak experts believe that before this, Pak-American relations have never been so bad as they are showing signs of getting worse after the ban.

According to Dawn News, while issuing a ministry-level notification on Thursday in Islamabad, the US Embassy had been told that these restrictions will also be applicable in Pakistan immediately after the ban was imposed.

At the same time, American diplomatic cargoes on pak airports and ports will not be allowed in the investigation according to Article 27 of the Vienna Treaty.

It has been said in the notification that the rules of negotiation between foreign diplomats and the Pak officials will also be affected.


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