Washington: US president Donald Trump has narrowed down the list of candidates to five for United Nations Ambassador to replace Nickey Haley. The person tops the list is Ivanka Trump.

Trump’s caption came after Nikki Haley announced on 9th October that she would be resigning from her post as the US ambassador to the UN by the end of the year. But Ivanka ruled herself out, of candidateship remarked on Twitter.

President Donald Trump believes his daughter Ivanka Trump would be “dynamite” if she succeeds Nikki Haley, but also said that he has a shortlist of five candidates.

“The people know that Ivanka would be dynamite.” –Donald Trump

He did not name all front-runners in the race, only confirmed that former deputy national security advisor Dina Powell is on the list.

Ivanka, however, is currently is the serving as the advisor for the President of America.

“It is an honor to serve in the White House alongside so many great colleagues and I know that the President will nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley. That replacement will not be me.” Ivanka Trump

The only person about who Trump mentioned in his shortlist is Dina Powell, Dina is currently in the private sector.

“Dina would love it.” –Donald Trump

“I think Ivanka would be incredible. That doesn’t mean I’d – you know, I’d pick her, because you’d be accused of nepotism, even though I’m not sure there’s anybody more competent in the world. But we are looking at numerous people.”-Trump

But the fact is that this isn’t the first time that nepotism has come up with President Trump. He gave high-ranking jobs at the White House to Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.


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