UKPNP vows to continue fight for united Jammu and Kashmir


Brussels [Belgium], (ANI): The United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), which observed its 33rd Foundation Day globally on April 10, has once again vowed to continue its struggle for achieving a united and independent Jammu and Kashmir.

Exiled UKPNP Chairman Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri urged party leaders and activists to renew their commitment to carry forward the ideology and mission of the UKPNP with zeal and vigour.

Kashmiri further said that the people of Pakistan-administrated Kashmir, including Gilgit and Baltistan were facing unjustified inequalities and discriminations that could only end with the abolishing of the Kashmir Council, removal of Lent officers, closure of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and abrogation of controversial Act 74.

“We want ownership of our natural resources, their royalties and benefits, including CPEC and on all mega projects. Our demand is to release all political prisoners and find missing persons. We are striving hard for the deprived and oppressed nation and nationalities of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We are striving for the United States of Kashmir which actually address the miseries and deprivation of oppressed nationalities of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir,”Kashmiri said.

“The UKPNP is working to fight against all types of prejudices and narrow-mindedness at all stages. Our party will continue its struggle to promote a democratic and plural approach among the people of the state. We will continue our struggle for unity, integrity, fraternity, and friendship so that people of the state may achieve their higher ideals in an organised form,” he added.

UKPNP activists and stalwarts in Europe and in other parts of the world also organised events on this occasion that strongly condemned all forms of fundamentalism and extremism.

“We urge India and Pakistan to resume dialogue for the peaceful settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir conflict which will be beneficial for the people of Pakistan and India as well as the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. The UKPNP is a strong political force following the path of peace and non-violence to achieve the ultimate goal of a united and independent Jammu and Kashmir nationally and internationally,” said Sajid Hussain, Secretary (Information) of the UKPNP Europe Zone.


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