Dilemma continues……….Triangular Relation of India With US And Iran


Dexterous Maneuvering

Once again India is caught in the growing conflict between the US and Iran. In the recent sanctions imposed on Iran, India had dexterously maneuvered itself from being caught in the middle of a conflict between Tehran and Washington.

As the US has warned public entities and countries to cut down oil import from Tehran to zero. In a recent development in New York meeting, Trump’s administration officials have started iterating that Washington is in frequent contact with New Delhi and it recognizes India’s significant need of the fuel, “so that our friend India’s economy is not adversely affected” said officials.

Earlier this year, US had withdrawn itself from Iran Nuclear deal 2015, imposing serious sanctions on Iran as sanctions will come in its full effect from 2nd November this year.

The US had made it clear that if any public entity or Country continues to trade or import oil with Tehran, will be blocked from accessing the American banking system.

Brooding India

Amidst increasing fuel prices is the major concern for current ruling Modi’s government, it will be difficult from international relations point of view to choose the side between two rival countries as Iran is the third largest importer of crude oil and India also need Washington’s support in the pursuit of becoming a member of World Nuclear Association.

However, India is not borne to follow any sanctions from the US as traditionally India only follows UNSC-authorized sanctions. But still, India is in dilemma to solve the triangle created due to its generous relation with both the US and Iran.

If India follows US sanctions on Iran it will certainly hamper India’s ambitious project to develop Chabahar port, which will have a direct route from India via Afghanistan without relying on transit route through Pakistan.

In a recent tweet by Trump, he equivocally stated that ‘India is willing to start a dialogue with the US on trade issues’. Now is India’s turn to interpret that whether he said benevolently or malevolently.


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