Islamabad: In an interesting development the debt strapped Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan, on 27th September accumulated Rs 23 lakh when he auctioned eight buffaloes kept by his predecessor Nawaz Sharif at the PM House for his “gastronomic requirements”.

The sale of three buffaloes and five calves belonging to the PM house scrapped a total of Rs 2,302,000 in an auction held in Islamabad.

Amidst of all the crisis Pakistan still continuously entitles Kashmir to be an integral part of Pakistan, in a far cry cricketer turned politician Imran Khan urged Pakistani people living throughout the globe to contribute $1000 so that the Government could be able to build a dam, it is noted that Pakistan is one month short of reaching national water crisis.

Trying to cope out of huge debts and liabilities, Imran Khan has chosen the path of abstinence. Under his ongoing endeavor towards paying debts which accrued during previous ruling governments, the current government has auctioned 61 luxury cars last week which was previously owned by former PM Nawaz Sharif, raising some Rs 200 million.

The plan is to auction 102 more cars, including bulletproof vehicles, and four helicopters used by the Cabinet Division.

The Buffaloes were sold within two hours as auction proceeded. The bidders were told they could only pay in cash.

Some reports revealed that all the buffaloes were bought by the supporters of Pak former PM Nawaz Sharif and they are planning to gift them back to Sharif. Sharif supporter, Qalb Ali, spent Rs 385,000 for one of the buffaloes, though the actual valuation of the animals was mere Rs 120,000.

“I purchased this buffalo owing to my affection for Nawaz Sharif. I will keep it as a symbol of Nawaz Sharif and our sister, Maryam Nawaz (Sharif’s daughter).” –Qalb Ali

To overcome the financial woes, Pakistan is pondering to go to the International Monetary Fund for another rescue package.


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