It is believed that the entire universe resides inside each human form. All mysteries, knowledge and all the elements of the universe are contained in the human body itself! How could this be possible? The universe is so vast and its capabilities are beyond our imaginations! Is this a mere imagination? The answer is no …..
The almighty has created all of us alike him; we all are his replicas. A part of God resides inside us. A secret, latent & supernatural power of that divine exists within every human being which is known as ‘Kundalini Shakti’. It is a very peculiar and mysterious power, which is believed to be in the lower part of the spinal cord in the human body. There are three major Nadhis, Ida, Pingla & Sushumna. The “Nadhi” which is in the middle of Ida & Pingla is Sushumna, where this sacred power exists.
It is a power which cannot be seen or touched by human body, but it can only be realized. When this power is triggered, it goes down to the bottom of the spinal cord to the Muladhar Chakra and then rises up and penetrates the six chakras of the Kundalini which are situated in the Sushumna Nadhi and finally reaches to the last chakra, ‘Sahasrara’ where the union of the Shivshakti takes place. It is not in control of every human being to handle this massive energy, and it is believed whosoever can handle this energy, can handle anything in life.
This power resides within every human being, but not everyone can fully stimulate it. To awaken the Kundalinis, one can practice either chants or Yoga-meditation, or energy healing by some Guru or a deity. It requires years of practice and even several births to trigger these “Chakras”. After death, the person practices to awaken the next chakra with full dedication, in his next life. “Death” just happens to the human body, it has no effect on human consciousness.
After years of commitment and dedication, when this power is fully awakened then the whole universe will be present inside the human body. Lord Krishna displayed the same power to her mother by giving a glimpse of the whole universe to her. On awakening of each “Chakras and Kundalinis” many supernatural powers in human body unveil. All resolutions & desires begin to fulfill. Many unknown abilities come within us. One may mark an exponential growth in his logical reasoning and qualities. He may attain the power of travelling from state to state and one body to other.
With complete awakening of all the Kundalinis, the person himself becomes alike “Shiva”. This state is the state where the Shiva and the Universe unite!

Written By – Sharbheshwara Nand “Bhairava”


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