Weekly Horoscope (2nd sep to 8 sep 2018)


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ARIES: A great sense of bravery will develop in you. Wednesday is right to cut through chit-chat and speak straight from the heart. Associates will be congenial and willing to co-operate if you need a helping hand. Make more of an effort to attain and maintain harmony. Personal relationships stand healed with the help of a friend. A migraine and sleep disorders bothersome. Those searching for jobs, make sure that you have the right support; there are chances of deceit. Eligible? You may try your best to tie a nuptial knot in a short period of time.

LOVE TIP: You must take full control of your feelings. You will look attractive in blue or white.

TAURUS: Your mood swings are making you edgy. Remember resolutions about diet & nutrition. Health problem could slow you down. You will see positive

changes on the work front from Tuesday onward. You may plan to buy a house of your own. Legal issues will be sorted out but do not overlook the advice of lawyer. Do not discuss your personal life with a friend, as it could be harmful. Get into a glamour related profession as fame & money will come easily to you. Invest in gold or stock market you will gain now.

LOVE TIP: Do not sabotage the relationship by superimposing your fears and apprehensions on those you care for most.

GEMINI: Things may not be working out according to your plans but you will see changes by Wednesday. Do not make any new financial transactions on Thursday. You will get more support from your boss than you expect. Travel plans are likely to be postponed. Someone in a distant land seeks your co-operation in setting up a business. Love life is sparklingly beautiful. You may enjoy and spend quality time with your loved ones. There is a wakeup call for you to get over of the period of confusion.

LOVE TIP: Try to listen with your head as well as your heart and don’t exaggerate what you feel are slights by other people.

CANCER: A piece of good news arriving by mail or phone will cheer you up. Household affairs continue smoothly. Do not invest your money in hasty concluded deals. A surgical procedure goes well; implants, fractures and heart conditions are set to heal. Loss of document through decay or carelessness is likely. A feeling of stagnation and dissatisfaction is taking a toll on you and your health. This is a good time to realise your potentials and the opportunities coming your way. Irritability due to studies or work may take a toll on your patience.

LOVE TIP: Don’t unravel the trust and commitment you have with your someone special

LEO: Do not expect much co-operation from others. Not a good week for shopping, investment & stock-market. Students will have to work harder for their forthcoming exams. Allergies and inflammations are likely. It could be the celebration of a new baby, wedding or any other happy occasion. All your relationships are going through a rough patch but try to maintain harmony. Your opinions will be valued on Friday. Strengthen your spirit and support your confidence. The efforts will not go un-noticed by superiors on Friday.

LOVE TIP: Casual affairs are not for you. Look to the long term and give yourself fully in commitment to the one you love.

VIRGO: Sun aspected by Mercury so please no hurry; and take things step-by-step. Speculate only if you are ready to lose money.  A new career pattern is emerging. If single? Wedding bells are just on the cards. Do not take things for granted and just enjoy. You need to socialise and reconnect with people. Conversations will prove gratifying on Wednesday. Commitments will mark the week and you will find complete satisfaction. Your love relations will find a new meaning. You may also find your soul mate.

LOVE TIP: You are intense and loyal in your affections so you need to play the waiting game for the right person to come along.

LIBRA: You may restructure office routines, travel plans, food habits and fitness program. A Scorpio person has a mystical attraction for you. Love and romance are on the cards! This is a wonderful time for making changes. Financially you are feeling well secure. Youngsters explore a world through travel, overseas education, fun trips and sporting events. You can change your mind in matters of friendship or love on Friday. It would be better to keep a lid on your tart tongue for the time being. Get rest and calm your worries on Saturday.

LOVE TIP: In respect of finding and staying with your true soul mate, you should always rely on your powerful, intuitive feelings.

SCORPIO: Mercury trine Uranus takes you through speculative tendency but think before you invest. Friends and loved ones are generous and supportive. Financial deals and transactions are settled according to your wishes. You achieve success after much strife and labour. Meditate and be in touch with your intrusive freedom. Children and family demand quality time and attention. A brief pleasure trip is actualized. Get all important affairs completed as soon as you can. You can climb the highest peak with a light and playful approach. A good news bring a smile to your face.

LOVE TIP: Express yourself on all levels – intellectually, physically and emotionally

SAGITTARIUS: Financial commitments will be honoured. Hostlers may feel home sick because of their ill health. Detachment allows you to keep your head above water as you watch family deal with career blues, business rivalries, personal trials, minor heartache or small inequities. You now must take responsibility for your actions and depend less on others. You may find things going much better at work, almost out of the blue. A powerful person is likely to support you on Thursday. Go out for shopping this week as you are likely to benefit from new schemes & discounts.

LOVE TIP: If you feel truly fulfilled in a relationship you must share these values with your partner.

CAPRICORN: There will be good opportunities to show off your artistic flare. Students need to plan for the next academic session. Loved ones will do what they can to help to solve financial problems. Focus on health on Tuesday.  Those in business will be able to increase their networking. You would like to take the advice and blessings of a priest or family Guru. A secret or extramarital affair is on the cards. You may face opposition or rivalry on Friday. A short journey will prove fruitful.

LOVE TIP: Try listening a little more to get to know how your beloved is reacting to what you have to say.

AQUARIUS: The emphasis is on fun, frolic, and accelerated social activities. Employment affairs are likely to be on your mind. Learn from your mistakes; do not repeat them and do not dwell on them. You shine at work on Tuesday and receive plaudits. There may be some problems at workplace. Do whatever is required; else you will lag behind professionally. There are expenses, purchases, family issues to sort out and many other challenges which ground you. Seek the help of a person whose name starts with alphabet A or S.

LOVE TIP: Be loyal, passionate and exciting person to be with and bring energy to your relationship.

PISCES:  This week love and travel figure prominently. You can put yourself in line for a promotion or salary increase. The accent is on pleasure and entertainment on Monday. Do not trust the strangers. A well-deserved break awaits some on an exciting vacation. Land transfers, trade and purchases give you the results you want. This is the time when you believe in rituals and will be busy in performing auspicious ceremonies. You are determined to follow the health resolutions which you had set for yourself.

LOVE TIP: You may sometimes feel as though you are between a rock and a hard place. So learn to deal with those changing moods.


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