WEEKLY FORECAST 21st – 27th October, 2018


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ARIES: The Empress brings you a youthful and beautiful influence in your life this week. Avoid arguments with your spouse or partner on Tuesday. Do not be too dogmatic. A cash increase is indicated in a roundabout way. Listen to your intuition for the right answers in personal matters. Surgeries and heart conditions have a speedy recovery.

LOVE TIP: Change of out-look can leave your beloved gasping for breath

TAURUS: Commercials transactions and business deals can be prejudiced and selfish. Your boss might be seeking impossible goals and you need to surprise him of the real situation. Money matters take priority, as unexpected expenditure may have to be met. Taking some time off will be good for you.

LOVE TIP: Give the chance of complete freedom & understanding

GEMINI: “Ten of Pentacles” will infuse dynamic energy in business matters and financial dealings. A week when you feel pulled in two directions. Do not allow your imagination to run away with you. Be very careful what you agree to do. Travel plans can be delayed. Love quarrels stem from a few wrong turns with neither side wanting to make the first move towards peace.

LOVE TIP: You can love deeply & sincerely. Your beloved can appreciate it

CANCER: Handsome profits from the business will help vindicate the present marketing strategy. If you take that will step into the unknown, you’ll find many of your wishes will come true. You can get pushy and intense about achieving your goal. Be true to yourself and avoid being sensitive. Media involvement is gainful and entertaining. A Pisces person realizes your worth. Friday is good for investment.

LOVE TIP: In matters of the heart; there is one golden rule; keep talking or continue sending SMS.

LEO: You are likely to feel more financially secure than ever before. Fresh avenues on the professional front are around the corner. You will not get the full outstanding amount from the one you had loaned money. A cold war is likely to ensue with spouse on the home front. You must keep an eye on your cash flow lest your savings vanish into a bottomless pit.

LOVE TIP: Your partner needn’t lavish expensive gifts. A loving look, a hug or simply an SMS text is enough to make his day.

VIRGO: Get out on the workshop floor; tour offices. Health problem is easier to handle. Do not be in a too much hurry regarding property matters. Money flows in happily. You are likely to work closely with children or have much to do with pets. In love? Have a little fun for a change. You deserve it. Travel is solo and gives you time for introspection as you map your next set of moves. On Friday; be careful before taking any important decision.

LOVE TIP: Just change your hairstyle & makeup; this can avoid a heart-break.

LIBRA: Some differences may crop in the family. You are likely to gain by choosing a healthy lifestyle. There will be a swift renewal and regeneration of your finances. The problems that arise will mostly be the result of a mistake on the part of others. There are a growth and increase of material aspects. Don’t be the surprise if the odd legal problem should occur, however trivial.

LOVE TIP: Hair Combs & clips may be used to turn your beloved with envy

SCORPIO: Do not divulge secrets. An auspicious event may get postponed. The attention paid by opposite sex will be extremely flattering and welcome. You have the opportunity to spend quality time with family. You win over people with your innocent and friendly nature but beware of being taken for a ride. Luxury shopping and a brief vacation give you much pleasure. Remember; never to fall for rash promises.

LOVE TIP: Your mischievous look & a radiant smile will work wonders

SAGITTARIUS: If you are a parent or teacher! go easy on youngsters. Over-exercise may create problems. You are triumphant after a long period of strife in the work area. The crowning glory of the week is academic accomplishments, sporting events, speculation, and contests. Life is taking you in the right direction, relax and go with the flow. Friday is a good day to fall in love.

LOVE TIP: Tread carefully in romantic affairs for someone close to you is particularly sensitive.

CAPRICORN: Some are drawn to a fiery, passionate liaison. A public disagreement is likely. A migraine and sleep disorders bothersome. Your reputation becomes more important than the causes you espoused and you aggressively pursue all the goals you must. Competition has you hit back hard and not always fair. Meditation leads you to inner silence and peace this week. Dialogues and discussions are the new priorities on Friday.

LOVE TIP: Stuck to aquamarine & crimson for both charm & luck

AQUARIUS: Good health may continue to favor you. Social workers will meet an influential person who will help them. Children will perform well in sports. This is the right time to deal with difficult people or situations as you are received well and rivals do not stand a chance against you. This is a great time for meditation as you will be relaxed and could touch a high level of consciousness.

LOVE TIP: Ash as a color is highly recommended as it goes with your mobile features.

PISCES: Money will be much on your mind. Students should give more time to studies. Avoid social gatherings. You dive into troubled waters at work. Philanthropy and charitable work run parallel with business decisions. An old enemy refuses to go away and a clash of ego and words is likely. Multitasking and diversification are the keys to a step up work wise. You get in touch with inner truths.

LOVE TIP: Love problem? Take time off to rest till Thursday


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