WEEKLY FORECAST 7th October 2018


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ARIES: Get on with any job that is at hands. A secret love affair will bring you an added pleasure. Do not get involved in any land deal. You should watch out for careless drivers. Strange undercurrents in the home can give rise to all sorts of drama. You play the role of adviser, sharing your experience with others. Gratification finally arrives as people think you have done a good job.

LOVE TIP: Sharing this aspect of your sensual and sexual fantasies with another requires a high degree of trust

TAURUS: Friendships do a U-turn and you are vindicated but you choose to give some pathways a deliberate miss. Honestly has to stick your neck out for tough causes; wins arrive in due course after a palpable freeze in talks. You may find people in general rather unreliable. You could be divided about options in two conflicting situations.

LOVE TIP: You could snuggle & purr and make feel your lover much of a man.

GEMINI: Someone you care about will see you in totally in the new light. Children will bring great pleasure to the parents. Chalk it up to your sparkling personality and the lively conversation. Good fortune and good timing bring you to the right place at right time to avail of lucrative opportunities.

LOVE TIP: The basis of any successful relationship is open & honest communication.

CANCER: Little would be achieved by a show of force at this stage. If you want to impress someone important you will find the right approach on Wednesday. A brief business cum pleasure trip is just on the cards. Friends and family share happy times during a celebration. You may take on important jobs or people successfully as you have an edge over others competing with you.

LOVE TIP: Don’t let your head overrule your heart.

LEO: Go all out to improve your position at work. Kick old habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle with more time for meditation and relaxing. It’s a busy and enthusiastic time as new opportunities are available to express your creativity. It’s best to divide and rule or delegate responsibility at work as you have too much on your hands. Chills in the chest and low blood pressure brought on seasonal colds.

LOVE TIP: You can’t help being cynical so you need to be checked when and if you embark on your love life.

VIRGO: Concentrate all your energy and efforts towards concluding the task at hand. Women will have a relaxing Monday. Business persons will sign important deals on Tuesday. Personal relationships may develop in a triangular manner and it is best to look at your priorities before making any commitment. Remain centered within and focus on priorities outside.

LOVE TIP: Don’t get scared by the idea of commitment. You should make lots of friends and new acquaintances.

LIBRA: The postponement of a certain deal could cause you anxiety. A good Wednesday for buying a piece of jewelry. Love life will be quite intriguing. Your social reputation is on the rise. You feel exhausted and decide to take time off from hectic schedules and relax for a while. Financial transactions can be delayed and communications take time to arrive so you need to be patient.

LOVE TIP: Express yourself on all levels – intellectually, physically and emotionally

SCORPIO: Court witness goes in your favour. A new love affair will put you in a romantic frame of mind making look brighter. You are able to negotiate business deals and come to terms with conflicting ideas and interests in collaborations. Your winning strategy this week is one of pacific resistance rather than dynamic offensive. Music and dip in arts are uplifting.

LOVE TIP: Compromise will be one of your keywords and lessons in life on your journey of love.

SAGITTARIUS: You should be in an up and doing mood. An invitation to a party could bring more of the same; plus an encounter on the romantic angle. A Capricorn person is efficient and supportive in the work area. Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch your diet and fitness routines.

LOVE TIP: Try to keep the physical and pleasurable elements of your relationship in perspective.

CAPRICORN: Do all in your power to get agreements settled with your co-workers. Not the right time to contemplate changing jobs. Your health may need more care. Be understanding and keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your mate. Aesthetic pursuits and creative pastimes are rejuvenating. Practical details and family conflicts can be resolved.

LOVE TIP: Don’t measure the value of another person by how much they earn or by what they have.

AQUARIUS: ‘The Knight of Swords’ lends you a new vision for the future! Teamwork is the keynote of the week. Older people may drum up certain problems for you. Club & social activities are favored. Activities with your mate or partner and your friends are likely to be good-humored and cheerful. Listen to your intuition or inner voice.

LOVE TIP: Your partner needn’t lavish expensive gifts. A loving look, a hug or simply an SMS text is enough to make his week.

PISCES: Consult professional people for legal worries. Secret agreements may give you good dividends. A sudden travel is possible in connection of work. You are brilliant and skillful in professional ventures. Things are changing as you step into new opportunities and dimensions. A daily dose of nuisance is caused by an angst-ridden relative or neighbor.

LOVE TIP: If you feel truly fulfilled in a relationship you must share these values with your partner.



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