WEEKLY FORECAST 4th – 10th November 2018


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ARIES: Postpone signing important documents. Beloved brings security on Tuesday. Soon new beginnings arrive. An inner truth gives you the courage to move away from people out to manipulate you. Relationships are temporarily strained as you are easily outnumbered by shrill voices, yet you hold your own. Genetic ailments feature in diagnosis. You might face opposition from colleagues. LOVE TIP: You must never rush making a commitment.

TAURUS: An upswing in your earnings keeps you in high spirit. The family relationship can be restored to harmony. Influential people will be actively helpful in your affairs. Clean your goals and choices in life. Health remains good if you lead a balanced and disciplined life. Fast junk food, pollution, and alcohol could harm you on Friday.

LOVE TIP: Don’t allow possessiveness to get the better of you in marriage or long-term relationships.

GEMINI: Sit tight on your savings. You should not allow yourself to be guided by friends. Romance could be upsetting on Wednesday. People resolve their mental dispositions and welcome you on board. Litigation is a mixed bag of wins, compromises, and payments to buy the peace. Stay focused and connected to the influential people. This will pay you rich dividends later on.

LOVE TIP: Be patient and a little more forgiving of others.

CANCER: Work pressure? Relax; listen to music or go to see a movie or a play. A solid appreciation brings rewards. Much money may be spent on health-enhancing products, but you will be able to bring physical balance and emotional stability on Thursday. If you are looking for a job, there may be situations which will be tempting as you are enthusiastic about the package you have been offered.

LOVE TIP: Your lover is hard to please on Wednesday. Wear black and go for a candle-lit dinner.

LEO: Romance may blossom at the workplace. People strike or make a set of puzzling demands on Wednesday. Anxiety needs to be avoided as stress can lead to health problems. A person whose name starts with alphabet A or S will be helpful. Avoid junk food. A journey is on the cards.

LOVE TIP: You may need to dilute your force of affection just a little until your partner acclimatizes himself to your perfect form of love.

VIRGO: A problem with an older relative can be sorted out. Romance wakes up and startles you into an understanding of your own emotional fabric. Shed fears and keep your head held high on Wednesday. You need to bring balance in your professional and personal life. Manage your finances; you may face irreparable monetary losses.

LOVE TIP: Finding your perfect soul mate may not be an easy task and believe that you deserve better than you usually get.

LIBRA: Remember, life is a movement, not a freeze. Chronic patients should consult their doctor. A good week for startups, inaugurations, launches or joint ventures; you give wings to a long-awaited dream. New jobs are a step in the right direction. Physical vitality and energy do not allow you to participate in a sporty activity. Take adequate rest, sleep, proper diet and focus on light exercise.

LOVE TIP: Regaining trust can take a long time

SCORPIO: Keep your eyes open and grab whatever opportunities come your way. You will have to watch your emotions on Monday. New sources of income could be generated. There will be a trip to a warm and sunny place which will prove fruitful in every sense. There will be a celebration of promotion or some important assignment given to you.

LOVE TIP: If you want and expect complete commitment from your partner, you must be prepared to offer the same

SAGITTARIUS:  You will be able to turn a financial loss into a healthy project. Friends loom large in your plans on Tuesday. Tired? Taking some time off will be good for you. Romance blooms as you find the perfect way to relax in the arms of beloved. A manipulative Gemini is testy over joint money matters; keep account clear. Watch out for devious behavior from your boss or partner.

LOVE TIP: You need to learn the art of unconditional love you’re a fast learner and will make every effort to get it right.

CAPRICORN: Do not argue with people if you have no chance of winning. Do not speculate and keep your expenses down on Monday. Romance may be emotionally upsetting for you. Shoulders and neck pains are likely. Accusations and misunderstandings between married couples could arise. Those who are waiting for the soul-mate don’t be in a hurry.

LOVE TIP: Be honest & imaginative and provide your partner with a wonderful blend of social and emotional interaction.

AQUARIUS: Do not invest too much in ventures where a return is not granted. Encouraging news will lift your spirits. An Aquarian friend may create a problem for you.  There could be frequent journeys which could open fantastic avenues for professional growth. Time management and your skills will help. Business matters will be resolved with your persistence.

LOVE TIP: Don’t simply hang onto these fluctuating emotions for the sake of creating interest in your partners.

PISCES: Be sure that you do not transgress your budget. Mental and physical energy can be successfully combined on Tuesday. Be gentle with subordinates. You take a few professional risks on Thursday. This is not the right time to trust anyone. Emotions and expressions might take over this week. Pessimistic attitude towards life might isolate you from friends and well-wishers.

LOVE TIP: Taking control of your inner life will ensure that you reach your goal and live this fulfilling, romantic life.


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