WEEKLY FORECAST 28th October to 3rd November 2018


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ARIES: Stockbrokers take a back seat. A formidable rival enters your line of activity with fanfare. This is not the week to be an indiscriminate road user. You feel a divine light and the blessings of a person who is like a mentor to you. You have tremendous courage and strength on Friday.

LOVE TIP: Make a pleasant background for your lovemaking comfort, soft music and so on

TAURUS: Success is foretold for those traveling out of town on a business trip. The argument with your loved one is possible on Tuesday. Your health is likely to show an improvement on Thursday. Take time out for your personal wellbeing from your usual hectic life. You will ultimately feel happy and live in prosperity.

LOVE TIP: Monday & Wednesday is full of emotions so practice to give perfect meaning to the four letter word L-O-V-E.

GEMINI: Taking stock of your progress, you break down a few barriers. Bosses turn a shade preachy, expecting you to fall in line. This is an excellent time to begin or increase your fitness level. You may travel to places that can help increase your spiritual awareness. A romance at your work-place is likely.

LOVE TIP: Try to be an excellent listener; which can be fascinating in the conversation of love

CANCER: Luck will be with you in financial affairs. Women are taken by surprise by an ardent suitor; youngsters deal with an unwelcome attention. Deception and fiscal shortcuts create an awkward moment. You now must take responsibility for your actions and depend less on others. An entertaining time ahead for those on a conducted tour.

LOVE TIP: Sit like ‘Silent Lover’ and have a candlelight dinner on Friday or Saturday.

LEO: It would be best to keep new ideas under wraps. Beating competition on the academic front will become easy now. A family gathering or a marriage party is on the cards. Chance of meeting people you have not met in years is possible. An exciting excursion or an expedition is in store for some. You can feel a bit under the weather.

LOVE TIP: Do not play with romanticism or you can be left out. Try to compromise

VIRGO: Secret meeting with influential people will go off particularly well. Your boss may promise for a salary increase in the near future. Injuries to the left side of the body are likely, avoid muscular pulls. You may get insecure about your current job. You will be able to catch the eye of the one you secretly love.

LOVE TIP: Feel free to express yourself truthfully. Dress-up as your lover want to see you. This is a part of your devotion in love.

LIBRA: Jupiter opens the door for a new job offer. Do not become excitable. Avoid making partnership deals. You will find good companionship on Wednesday promises to make your life interesting on the social front. A financial crunch being experienced by some will soon be over.

LOVE TIP: Compromise will be one of your keywords and lessons in life on your journey of love

SCORPIO: A stressful phase eases when you take independent stands. You get the best in negotiations, internships, salaries, perks as well as old dues and remittances. Solutions to certain problems faced at work are likely to be found soon. Admission to a prestigious institution is on the cards. Change in lifestyle can benefit health as you get rid of bad habits.

LOVE TIP: Try to keep the physical and pleasurable elements of your relationship in perspective

SAGITTARIUS: Look at stocks, saving certificates you hold. A journey can hit a rough patch. Rivalry at work may keep you on the edge and hinder efficiency. A piece of good news is likely to warm your heart and keep you aglow. An old friend or a relative is likely to pay you a visit.

LOVE TIP: Don’t measure the value of another person by how much they earn or by what they have.

CAPRICORN: You will find loved ones easier to influence. Plans that you have for saving are likely to meet with approval. A Leo figures prominently. Promotions are held up; money is tied in red tape. This is a fabulous time, health-wise. You’ll be calm and inspired.

LOVE TIP: You are possessive and loyal. But remember, you do not have the right to stifle the freedom of your love-mate

AQUARIUS: New attractions are likely to be serious. Do not try to make money the easy way. Women drivers should follow all safety rules. Seek the advice of bankers or people with more experience in finances than you have. This is a good time for investments. Wedding bells can toll for some.

LOVE TIP: You are serious about love, tend to be loyal to the hilt but do not be jealous and possessive

PISCES: You will be recognized for your efforts on the professional front. Do not make snap decisions on Monday. Mutually held funds must not be disturbed without your consent. You may need a boost or sponsorship to carry your goals. Strengthen your ties with your boss at the office. You are practical in your approach and very hard working, but results may be slow.

LOVE TIP: Let love & romance be your guide, not a desire to change a person


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