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ARIES: Do not ask any favour from superiors. Women may feel overly sentimental.  Interviews go well in the first leg; delays in good news dampen your enthusiasm. Focus your attention on your finances, and be careful in money transactions. You are the leader and people will look for your guidance.

LOVE TIP: Try to understand the moods and feelings of your mate. You are at your best on the love plane.

TAURUS: Do all that you can to make your beloved happy.  Make every possible effort to get ahead in your career. Argument with a youngster is likely on Tuesday. It is never too late to improve. Even if you are stressed, you can take a time to think positively. Minor official pin-pricks are better ignored.

LOVE TIP: The sentimental streak in you will appeal to most persons of opposite-sex.

GEMINI: Make the best use of opportunities that unfold before Thursday. This time is right to cut through chit-chat and speak straight from the heart. Remember; slow and steady wins the race. Do not neglect car repair. Worrying about your job is not going to help you. Physical exercise, movement or dancing can be therapeutic.

LOVE TIP: Patience is the supreme virtue in matters of love.

CANCER: You may feel lack of energy. Interference is likely to put key projects back in cold storage. Pet care is likely this week. New challenges arrive that enable you to look in a new direction. If you can, look into clinics and treatment outside your locality.

LOVE TIP: Though you don’t take well to opposition & criticism but try to respond most vibrantly

LEO: Routine affairs are likely to carry more responsibility. Pay attention to your dreams. A modest effort on your part will be enough to bring a dramatic change in your output. You have to overhaul your diet to keep yourself in the best of health.

LOVE TIP: Watch out! Sparks will fly. An ideal relationship is in offing. Handle it carefully

VIRGO:  It is time for you to have some fun. Invite friends and enjoy yourself on Monday. Your efforts to impress will not be in vain. A lover develops cold feet and may take a step back. Try to relax in the middle of the week and put your cares on the side. Avoid risks at work on Friday.

LOVE TIP: Your king-size ego should not come in your love-life. On Wednesday; the attraction repulsion principle works

LIBRA: Keep up to date with the letter writing and emails. Risk and speculation pay off professionally as you make a foray into new fields. You will reach positive levels of health. It’s an excellent time to begin a new health regime. News of child-birth and conception may please you.

LOVE TIP: Try to act as a great lover and give a surprising gift

SCORPIO: At work place the attitude of your boss or a situation will be quite complex to sort out. A new spiritual influence may come into your life. Beware of crafty man who cares for power. You recover from a physical illness that may have been bothering you. Travel over land is on the cards.

LOVE TIP: Be generous; good companion, ardent and appealing. Who will not fall for such a lover / beloved.

SAGITTARIUS:  The atmosphere at home will be much improved. Discuss your financia1 situation with your mate. Applying for loan? Time is auspicious go ahead. New mentors, teachers and wise friends are act like shining lights and help you cement your position in a new job. Investment plan in property might get materialised for some of you.

LOVE TIP: An interesting relationship is just on the cards. Avoid ego-clashes

CAPRICORN: Do not risk your savings. Family members may require your assistance. The job could also be better, with increased package and comfort zone. A new friendship is likely to turn into a lasting relationship. Moody partners around you could be difficult and demanding.

LOVE TIP: You will be in no-mood to be misunderstood by hyper-sensitive and kindly friend. Be frank and burst out your feelings

AQUARIUS: Older people may need your help. You may become easily ruffled. A new player in romance has the stillness and depth of water. Adventure sports enthusiasts need to be careful. Waterborne ailments are likely. You enjoy good health, food, and entertainment. Conception, child-birth, marriage, engagement or even spiritual enlightenment is the possibility.

LOVE TIP: You have much to give an instinctive and intuitive understanding

PISCES: Your personal and public life is likely to clash. Model should focus on health & diet. Check your bank balance on Tuesday. You gain a handle in business talks but find the timing a bit wonky to use what you have. If you are working, a mature and sound decision is expected from you. You will remain under the shadow of gossip and rumour.

LOVE TIP: A smiling Venus gives a sure foundation for lasting friendship


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