16th September to 22nd September 2018



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ARIES: Romance takes a back seat.  A child in the family recovers and be on his feet. This is not the time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge; rather, stick to your conscious mind. Pay attention to your dreams, it’s possible that a pleasant surprise will be coming your way. Relationships may be tough. Give your partner some time and space. Your aura is impressive on Thursday. You may be much more inclined now to give up bad health habits.

LOVE TIP: Say whatever you feel better, regardless of social pressure or beloved’s prejudices.

TAURUS: You will receive many opportunities regarding your career. You feel creative and get busy in planning your future. Use your wit, intelligence and hard work for rich dividends. Students related to arts, music, fashion, and media will be benefited. This is the time when married couples will share a good bonding with each other.

LOVE TIP: Beware of overdoing or going over the top; emotionally

GEMINI: No need to worry on legal matters. Education comes under favourable stars. Health requires moderation.  Overseas contracts are swift.  You may be introduced to a spiritual way to destress yourself. Aggression should be avoided. You have unbounded stamina but be careful while exercising it; there are indications of minor injuries or sprains.

LOVE TIP: Someone you love abundantly may be away for a while; do not get too possessive if that’s the case.

CANCER:  Be cautious in money matters. A colleague may offer you a wonderful advice. Hectic activities will keep you busy on Wednesday.  Actors / film makers / theatre persons will do well. There is a warning not to overdo things or push your body further. Make time to examine what you are really feeling, deep down. Anger and negative emotions can take a toll on your body.

LOVE TIP: The new love interest may not last long but the moments are beautiful and you should look forward to them.

LEO: Push ahead now. An excellent week for realising secret dreams or ambitions. Follow a noble path and you will be the winner. Your stubborn streak should be standing you in good stead for a change.  This is a time when your suggestions and work will be met and may lead you to a better position. The home is full of visitors and friends.

LOVE TIP: Think before you propose to somebody to whom you secretly admire.

VIRGO: The first half of the week will be a bit tricky. The focus will be on shopping entertainment and romance.  A person whose name begins with A or S could help you in your business. Your popularity will rise; going on a trip with friends will rejuvenate you. Women will have proud moments; childbirth is on the cards for some.

LOVE TIP: If you are unattached; look carefully at what you are holding in your heart.

LIBRA: Monetary problems will be nagging at you. Life at home will be much easier to cope with. Extra time should be given-over to improving the look and value of your home. If you are looking for a job, appearing for an interview with reasoning and logical powers will favor you. Any small issue on the health front should be nipped in the bud. Be open to spiritual healing as well.

LOVE TIP: If you are in a committed relationship, action and discussion are necessary. You charm in Black.

SCORPIO: Romance breezes in. Useful information will come to light through people in high position. Eligible will get a suitable proposal. Don’t spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away. Stop being careless about health. You may face tough competition or rivalry at a workplace. A senior person may prove beneficial to you career-wise.

LOVE TIP: Open discussion with your beloved may give you a clear picture of your status in love.

SAGITTARIUS:  Artistic work is significant at the moment. Keep on the move. Interviews/tests will bring the favorable response. Have no worries. This week, you should listen to your body with great care and compassion. Pamper yourself with beauty treatments, spa and grooming tips. If you’ve always exercised indoors, move your workout outside. This is a rewarding week in terms of your profession.

LOVE TIP: Plan a vacation with your partner to an exotic place and present a beautiful gift to him/her.

CAPRICORN: You tend to be lazy and laid back, which can bring financial loss and dullness of mind. Attend to a long-neglected hobby. Avoid quarreling with your spouse.  This will be a time of peace, joy, and prosperity for you, share them with your near and dear ones. You will find peace in performing rituals and charity.

LOVE TIP: You must have self-confidence in yourself to show true feelings instead of keeping them concealed.

AQUARIUS: Excellent week for those of you engaged in serious studies.  Joy & happiness is foreseen for kids. Wednesday is good for social gatherings. Clandestine alcoholics to avoid drinking in the party. You need to be cautious in your relationships with your loved ones; secret affairs might put you in trouble. You need to watch out for being overworked and over-stressed. Addictions, intoxication, and obsession might cause harm.

LOVE TIP: Beloved to whom you made promises need to come first.

PISCES: New ventures and plans are foreseen for some. Maintain a respectful distance from the opposite sex. Gentle persuasion required for solving office matters. Work conditions are good.  Your honesty will pay you well. If you’re investing, put your money in conservative stocks/bonds/money market with really good track records. Some of you might plan a trip outside the country in the near future. Your health will be on the upswing.

LOVE TIP: You may plan a vacation with your partner to an exotic place or present a beautiful gift to your partner.


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