Recognizing the sea with in


The Eyes are just a medium of observation. The brain interprets the visuals sent by the eyes. The mind makes judgments and categorises sensory perceptions into good and bad. Some people derive great pleasure from abstract art while others fail to get a sense of it. Our impressions are derived out of a mind conditioned by outward experiences. We can appreciate only what we can understand. A car mechanic is not intrigued after opening the car bonnet because his mind is programmed through knowledge of its machinery.

We make sense of any scene only with what our mind has learnt through experience. Slowly, a programmed mind ceases to observe beyond its ambits. It is, therefore, necessary to unlearn all your mental conceptions to become a good observer.

Co-relating only to the known insulates you from the vast unknown existence that is there to be explored. Increasing your awareness through constant practice gives you a meticulous eye. It is as if you are born afresh with every breath.

I had a chance to visit a friend who lives amidst nature. Every morning I would witness the sun rising from the mountains. My evenings were spent besides a lake whose stillness became even more glorious in moonlit nights. Memories of that brief stint never fade away from my mind. But, when I marvelled at the good fortune of my friend, he disagreed.

“What is the fun in staying at such a stagnant place? In fact, you are lucky to live in a big city. Shining malls, sprawling markets, towering sky scrapers; these things are happening,” answered my friend.

It is amazing how people living at hill stations or serene locations get used to their surroundings while tourists are overjoyed at same places.

Human mind is instinctively more aware towards new experiences. Routine or repeating pattern tends to bore us. This common psychology applies to every aspect of our lives. We are no attentive towards our daily experiences as we are used to them.

A common man seldom looks beyond his programmed vision. Let us say you are fed negative inputs about a person. You will have an adverse opinion about that person in all likelihood, even if you have never met him.

Similarly, all your notions about places, food, circumstances are a result of mental programming that begins from childhood. You revere your gods only because of this mental conditioning. Ask yourself; are you able to think outside this ‘box’?


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