Dr. Praveen Tiwari
“The path of humor leads to great friendship.” –Steve Jobs
The world knows Mahatma Gandhi as a serious leader. But, even he felt, “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”
Laughter is one of the greatest blessings. It is also an art to make others laugh. The laughter, too, is serious business these days. It requires a special talent and competent training. The world’s greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin sought humor in the travails of life. There are many like him who successfully made a profession out of their exceptional sense of humor. Not everybody can be an ace comedian, but we can develop it as an essential ingredient of our personality. Many actors, politician, and world leaders are known for their fine humor. Everybody knows that a little bit of jest makes any conversation interesting. How laughter elevates the mood is not a hidden fact. A good sense of humor is all about the timing of your words and gestures. There is a thin line of differentiation between joking and teasing or degrading somebody.
A good sense of humor is an essential ornament of any pleasant person. People ranging from politics to spirituality have ruled the million hearts owing to this quality alone. A simple psychology is at work here. All of us live in bliss and there is no better expression of bliss than laughter. Only psychologically pathetic minds can be averse to laugh. Its benefits for health are well documented. Some people are bestowed with a laughter that has a magnetic effect.
People usually throng such personalities. Cartoonists and actors would confirm that the most difficult thing is to make the other person laugh. For a good sense of humor, the choice of words is not enough; you must be able to see the comedy behind every creation under the sun.
It too is practice. The mind of a cartoonist works as a factory that churns events and various characters into humor. The cartoonists and comedians can comment on national and global perspectives using everyday anecdotes, all the while bringing the smile to the audience faces. A lot of preparation and practice goes into stand-up comedy. Pursuing your interest gives you a professional edge. In personal life, it adds flair to your personality. Apart from satirical literature, social media can also help you better your sense of humor. You ought to be realistic to make others laugh. An artificial attempt to make others laugh will make you the point of laughter instead.
You cannot imitate or feign humor. There is no shortcut to developing this quality. Good humor can come if you are spontaneous and involved in the conversation. We are always in a jollier mood among our loved ones. Less familiar surroundings invoke insecurity and it is difficult to be humorous in such a state. Many people are at unease during social functions or meeting with strangers. This proves that only an innate person can laugh with spontaneity. One can develop a sense of humor through practice. It is also a need of today’s professional world.
Therefore, you must learn it as any other skill.


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