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ARIES: A week of heavy spending. Be alert while parking your vehicle. Do not enter into any bond. The present planetary phase indicates short-term gains by Thursday. Try to work independently. Your generosity and kindness will be appreciated. Health remains good and you may devote good time in looking after your ailing parents, relatives or a friend.

LOVE TIP: The love-lorn may have to make extra efforts to woo their lady-love.

TAURUS: Do not abandon hope. Family affairs will get sorted out.  If constructing your own house you may have to stop the work due to some technical snag.  Love life becomes more exciting. A spiritual teacher may appear in your life now. This person will be an excellent mentor and will help you have a new lease on life.

LOVE TIP: Be courageous to impress your inner feelings to your secret love.

GEMINI:  “The Ace of Pentacles” favors luxuries & new ventures. Financially it is a beneficial week. Take care while working with sharp tools. You may focus on leftover issues on Monday. You may be frustrated regarding your health. Give yourself a break. Avoid arguments and conflicts. Completing research is considered excellent for students who wish to study abroad.

LOVE TIP: Do not abandon your dreams, but put them into context. a little delay can cause frustration in love-life.

CANCER:  Steady efforts help out you in line for the promotion. Take some time off to look after your health. Check your documents pertaining to sales tax/income tax. If you are currently committed, you will move to the next level. You are likely to have a peaceful period in your love life. If you’re not in a relationship, love may enter your life so fast that it’ll make your head spin.

LOVE TIP: Meeting your beloved? try to keep your temper under control and not take everything to heart.

LEO: Influential people can be contacted with too much effort. Do not get involved in a secret deal. Any health problem could be drawing your attention to a problem that is not in your body but in your life. Spiritualism and a ritual of any sort will be helpful to you; which will give mental peace and strength. You may feel trapped in a job that you detest but can’t leave because of the security.

LOVE TIP: Have fun, be happy. Do not allow interference of the third person in your love life.

VIRGO: Write to people who are in the position to give you a helping hand. Health may need care. Listen to the people who are advising. Relatives could be important.  Your goal should be progressed, but not perfection. Things are going to be better than they have been in the recent past. Trust that this change is taking you to where you want to be.

LOVE TIP: Facing a flagging love-life? You need to infuse something special to cement this lovely bond.

LIBRA: A good news by mail or phone may cheer you. Do not lay down the law at home because this will not pay dividends. Handle the relationship with care. This is a great time to try a new healthcare approach, especially preventative care. If you are planning to switch over your job, this is the right time. Clear away all these illusions and live in reality.

LOVE TIP: If you love somebody; make him/her feel special and he/she will surrender to your desire.

SCORPIO: You are feeling very positive and optimistic. At a place of work: you should be pleased with what you have been able to achieve over the past few weeks. Romance is exciting, but discretion is imperative. It is the time to take crucial decisions. Stress may be overpowering you and causing health problems. Be sure that you are paying adequate attention to diet, exercise, and sleep.

LOVE TIP: Make plans for a visit to some exotic place or present a nice gift to refresh your love life.

SAGITTARIUS: Engagements if made this week should lead to happy marriages. Hobbies can be made lucrative. Not the best week for making trips. Parents should give attention to the personal problem of children. Your willpower gives you strength to face the health challenges and live a disciplined life. Your hard work will finally pay off this week. People will listen to and respect your views.

LOVE TIP: Make your beloved or spouse feel comfortable in your company. try to be decent while talking.

CAPRICORN: Work and domestic duty follow a familiar pattern. The more self reliant you can be, the better things will go for you. You will feel healthy and may experience a change of perspective. New possibilities — both personal and professional — emerge in the near future. An excellent energy support will help you complete a tedious work. You have focus and backbone to stick with a task that is not necessarily fun.

LOVE TIP: Do not get disheartened. Your continued efforts will ultimately bring a spark in love.

AQUARIUS: Much of the long-term benefits can be achieved by co-operating with others. Home and family affairs will be most enjoyable when the time comes to relax and unwind.  You are susceptible to illness and, therefore, must keep yourself safe from infections. You find that your rivals leave no stance to pull you down. This week you need to communicate carefully.

LOVE TIP: Forget the past and start life afresh with new commitments.

PISCES: More time should be spent on repair work around the home. You will get some satisfaction from tasks that are new to you. Loved ones will be helpful. Tenants should not expect favor from their landlord. Do not get worried about trivial issues. Physically you remain healthy, but anxiety could make you uneasy and nervous. Expect a fairly good period in terms of your career.

LOVE TIP: You charm in Blue is certain to captivate the member the opposite sex.


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