“Give me ‘VOTES’ and I shall give you ‘RESERVATION” -Neta Ji


India is a free nation and this freedom is a gift of democracy to its citizens. Its constitution gives its citizens the right to freedom and most importantly to utilize this freedom in an equitable manner. At the same time, it is a responsibility of the state to ensure that equality prevails in all sections of the society.

India, being a developing nation, is currently facing many challenges and one of the major hindrances to this equality is the Reservation system.

The reservation includes a series of measures undertaken to address the historic oppression, inequality and discrimination faced by unprivileged communities. It is intended to realize the promise of equality manifest in the Constitution.

The major question that exists is whether implementing this reservation system has really helped the downtrodden?

Dawn of the day

Presently, according to the government policy, 15% of the government jobs and 15% of the students admitted to universities must be from Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes that occupy the reservation of about 7.5 % additionally. In spite of this, the state governments also obey their own reservation policies based upon the population constitution of each state. So nearly 50% seats are reserved.

In Institutions (IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc.) and government postings, 22.5% of accessible seats are reserved for SC and STs, 27% are reserved for OBCs and the persisting 51.5% for general category leading to fury among students, medical doctors, government employees and the public in general.

Rise of reservation

The reservation system finds its genesis in the age-old caste system of India. This system at its origin was meant to divide people on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business (vaish) etc. but soon it became a device to divide the society on caste-basis.

But,are these reservations actually being utilized on the social, economic, and educational indicators factors? The answer is straight away ‘NO’ because the benefits are being stolen away by the creamy layer.

Gradually 93rd Constitutional Amendment policy is to be implemented in private institutions and companies as well. This move led to opposition from non-reserved category students, as the proposal decreased seats for the General (non-reserved) category from the existing 77.5% to less than 50.5%.

Congregation of andolans

Patidar Andolan

Year 2015
Place  Gujarat
Reason To get reservation for Patels
Consequence arson, rioting, damage to property (also damaged BJP MLA Rushikesh Patel’s office) and unlawful assembly
Casualties 14
Loss ₹84 crore

Recently, the head of Patidar Andolan Hardik Patel has been sentenced two years of jail

and fined Rs. 50, 000 by Gujarat court.

Jat Reservation

Year 2016
Place Haryana (and some other parts of North India)
Reason To include their caste in the OBC
Consequence Disabled the State for 10 days
Casualties 30
Loss ₹340 billion (US$5.1 billion), Railways- ₹55.92 crore


Maratha Andolan

Year 2018 and still going
Place Maharashtra
Reason Reservation for Marathas
Consequence incidents of arson, picketing and sabotage and shutdown of  Maratha Revolution Front
Casualties 2 so far
Loss (in properties)

The statewide closure was called after a protestor demanding Maratha reservation committed suicide in Aurangabad and sparked the Andolan.

Reservation: Loss or Gain?

Reservation completely made on the basis of the economical conditions and nothing else. The kind of reservation policy that our government presently follows does nothing but divide the society into different sections.

India and Indians are working hard to give its country the tag of a developed nation, but a country is only termed ‘developed’ when the investments are done to improve the infrastructure in the country, not by damaging the already existing infrastructure. The money which was put on fire during these andolans belonged to the tax payers of the nation and they deserve return privilege. Citizens of the country must understand that reservation is not our right but the privilege which is being endowed with. Today reservation has merely become a means to earn votes by the politicians because of which people who don’t even need the reservation are enjoying its benefits without even thinking that- Do they need this?

It’s high time that the government must realize to efficiently use the power for the benefit of the needy rather exploiting the poor in spite of their compulsion and constraints.

Thus reservations are reversal of development and equality. We don’t need reservations based on castes or religion but only to upgrade those who have minimal resources, and merit should be given equally. This way we would be successful in removing caste discrimination and unite the rich together in helping the poor, irrespective of their castes.


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