Feel the Nature’s embrace And find solace At Wonderland of Pithoragarh


When I was about to reach Pithoragarh during my visit to the Himalayas, a friend told me that I was heading to the land of lakes. I said the land of lakes? To which he affirmed, and told me how Pithoragarh was known as Sor Ghati formerly; the word Sor from ‘Sarovar’. It is believed that there were seven lakes in this valley. The water of theses lakes slowly evaporated with years and consequently, the plateau land was born, hence the name Pithoragarh.

There is also a beautiful fact behind its name that Rai was the capital of Pithora (Prithviraj Chauhan), suggesting that Pithoragarh was named after his name.

NATURE’S SHADES AND KNOTTY WAYS Pithoragarh among one of the most beautiful hill stations presently. Here, people arrive to spend their holidays, loosening their worries of life and ditch the same daily routine, in a hope to relieve their soul. There are numerous places that people wish to lay their eyes on and relax. The natural hue here is very divergent. While heading skyward through the sequestered paths here, it feels like a journey through the paradise. These routes will leave you spellbound. Glancing at the sky-high mountains and the greenery scattered all around, it seems as if we have floated down to a valley of flowers. Nature sure is a charmer; on one hand, it’s the hypnotic hue and on the other, it is laborious tracks, exploding the mind with a beautiful collage.

HERITAGE ON FESTIVE STAGE During the Autumn season, an ‘Autumnal Festival’ is celebrated here. This celebration exhibits the cultural tableau of Pithoragarh. A diversity of musical and dance performances are performed to demonstrate not only the heritage of Pithoragarh but the entire Uttarakhand. The atmosphere holding the melody of music and people tapping their feet to it is worth seeing. So if you’re planning to arrive here around the autumn season, then gather a little information about the festival and don’t miss it out! In this celebration, you can get sundry information about various local festivals, which will enhance your knowledge as well as serve your entertainment. HILLJATRA: A MASQUERADE  There are various festive occasions celebrated in Kumaon of Pithoragarh district. Hilljatra is one of those and it’s organized after eight days of Gaura-Maheshwar festival, every year during the festive Bhadon month. Celebrated as a mask dance-drama, this festival considers Lakhia bhoot, the most beloved guru of Mahadev Shiva, as Virbhadra. The blessing of Lakhia Bhoot is considered as a symbol of luck and prosperity.    IT’S A HILLY THRILL  There‘s a plenty of crusade for the adventure tourism enthusiast. The tourism department permits adventure sports like hang gliding and paragliding. Chandak, Munakot, and Dhwaj are being structured as Gliding Point here. Many tourists reach here with the vision of trekking, mount climbing and doing a variety of lot other adventure activities. The entire district is considered to be very adequate and worthy of the adventure activities, therefore the state government is also working to promote it in the form of tourism. PARAMOUNTS OF THE MOUNT  Among the several prime tourist attractions in Pithoragarh, Hanumangadhi has special significance. It is located at a distance of 2km from the town and the devotees are always rushing here. A kilometer away from Pithoragarh is the famous temple of Ulka Devi. The Radha-Krishna Temple and Rai Cave is also the staple attraction for the visitors.    SHUTTLE TO THE PINNACLE There are two prime ways to reach this land of seven lakes; one avenue goes from Tanakpur and another one from Kathgodam-Haldwani. Pithoragarh Airport is at a distance of 249 kilometers from the path of Pantnagar Almora. Nearest railway station Tanakpur is 151 kilometers away while Kathgodam railway station is 212 kilometers away from Pithoragarh.  BUT WATCH OUT! Pithoragarh, being a marginal district, has some restricted areas as it touches the boundaries of Nepal and Tibet. Therefore, permit (Inner line pass) is required from the Pithoragarh DM to enter these highly sensitive areas.  Apart from this, there are some areas at higher elevation where the weather is turbulent. These areas are also forbidden without permission since the boundary of the Gram Panchayat terminates here. To enter these prohibited areas, we’ll require the tourist permit. However, no permit is required to visit areas of Champawat Tehsil, and other salient sites like Thal Kedar, Shivpuri, Chandak, Dhwaj etc. where one can roam freely without any hindrance.

Where the green mist shines

And History drip lakes divine

Ready to entwine?

History dripping lakes divine   

Written By :- Sanjaya Shepherd 


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