Might have used the pregnancy toolkits, but what if come to know there is a holistic platform that not only guides you in your motherhood but also tells you when to eat, when to drink, what to do and what to not! Your speaking friend, in a mobile phone, staying with you throughout your life!


Empowering women is now a cliché as most of us just talk of it; only a very few come up with some pragmatic solutions. And with MIRA as their successful venture, the newsmakers in the league are the Delhi-based twins, the Quraishi Brothers, Hilmi Quraishi and Subhi Quraishi.

The pensive twins, 48, have been musing since their early adulthood and were struck by the thought of the utility of mobile phone and technology for a woman. A speaking box pink in color that is embodied with Swarovski crystals is always thought to cater women and do the needful! But, here they set the bars high by opining entirely differently…


India has the world’s second highest maternal mortality rate (MMR), with 15 per cent of cases globally, amounting to 45,000 pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths. Realizing this, it was, then, in March 2012, when the Quraishi brothers, to all their concerns since ages, gave a shape in MIRA, wherein they developed an integrated mobile phone channel to provide health information to rural women and connect them with public health services using mobile phones in low-resource settings. Thus, the objective of MIRA is to enable women, whether educated or uneducated, improve health indicators by self-managing their health and reach towards a larger goal of women empowerment using digital connect.


Headquartered in Delhi and having major presence in Indian state Haryana, MIRA has tools that include multiple sub-channels like Pre-natal care, Child immunization, Newborn care, Family planning and Adolescent health issues. Each sub-channel has multiple “speaking” tools which delivers information to women through interactive edutainment tools by building their knowledge and creating awareness on critical health issues, and ultimately connecting them to the public health services. Thus it is renowned as a “talking machine” among huge number of people!

“Woman is a dynamic ball of fire; she isn’t underpowered! Infact, Man is. A multi-tasker, an epitome of patience, and a huge tank of potentials; woman is the most kinetic creation of God”–Quraishi Brothers


Representing the completeness of a woman, MIRA Channel (Women Mobile Lifeline Channel) is inspired by the legendary MIRABAI, the source of immense power. It eyes every woman to be full of potentials as MIRABAI was!


“There were days when we ran out of capital. We had used all our funds, infact, our family’s funds as well. But, that’s ok. Today we have seen success like never before, and there, our hard work paid off. After-all, it is impossible to get anything for nothing”–Subhi Quraishi


150 UGANDANS ARE NOW “MIRA”- JINJA, a town in southern Uganda, on the shore of Lake Victoria, enjoys its remarkable moment when in different villages of the district around 150 girl infants, who took birth under the assistance of the channel, were named as “MIRA”. With this mass appeal, covering 226,000 women, MIRA, being first of its kind, has been now declared to be aided by the Government of Uganda for this noble and out of the box cause.

AFGHANISTAN ENJOYS “MIRA”- Not only Uganda, but MIRA, with just double the numbers, has also somehow reached the women in Afghanistan, who continue to live in tough circumstances.


A big question that might strike hard is why Uganda and Afghanistan and not India first? India, where around 68% of the total mob is rural and one in every five women in India is un-healthy, needs initiatives as MIRA for sure. But, we have no answers as to WHY, IRONICALLY, INDIAN GOVERNMENT REMAINS INDIFFERENT TO IT?


As directed by Mr. Subhi Quraishi, “WILL POWER” is the only way to success; hurdles and failures just being a part and parcel. Success, thus, would become the everyday satisfaction that you achieve by doing something productive for the society and that impacts people at a large level!

“It was when MIRA was approached by one of my good English friend, who is neither uneducated and nor needs any empowerment. That was the day of my “satisfaction” and thus of “success”!”–Subhi Quraishi


  • MIRA got selected as an ideal case-study by MSBC (Mobile for Social & Behaviour Change), an initiative of UNICEF India and DEF
  • Global Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship 2013-14
  • Mobile for Good Award 2013
  • Alliance Award 2013


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