Dr. Praveen Tiwari in an exclusive interview with Dr. Ritu Sharma, PhD Psychology and an expert of organizational Psychology who is telling about how and why psychology is important in startup and entrepreneurship.

How to define creativity and innovation?

– There are many ways to understand creativity and innovation. There might be manypeople who are very creative but they might be not innovative at the same time. Creativeness is anything to use a thing in a noble way. There might be a person who has a Potential to really create a thing which will be used by people. But am sure somebody who is creative can innovate things.

Is there any term related to depression in organizational psychology also?

– I have earlier said that at initial stage the idea will definitely receive a boon but after certain time it becomes stagnant because no new ideas are being contributed in it. Coming to this phase lack of planning is the only reason that evolves depression. And secondly having too much expectation without having planning. Let me just give you an example if you ask a child that what you have to do then he said engineering but after engineering if you ask him what he have to do he doesn’t know. That is the same thing you have done, you have pulled yourself to one creative thought, but you really haven’t created your series and long term goals. Unless you have them you won’t be able to deal with the depression. Perseverance is something that will really help you get up and really work on it. For that subject, field you must have passion, enthusiasm that you like this thing a lot.

But most of the startups are working only for money and few want to earn immediately.

– That’s the tragedy of the society. We have prepared our kids that way only for instance we tell our kids since childhood ‘fatfat padhlo’, ‘fatafat ready hojao’ so now it has become their habit to do everything ‘fatafat’. So now that person wants ‘fatafat business bhi setup hojaye’ and ‘fatafat paise bhi miljaye’. This is something that we have inculcated in this generation and we have to deal with it. We need to understand that we never told ten to have patience. We never told them that you will have to face the failure. We have never told our kid that we will never get you this toy. So I don’t think there is any fault of the kid, or today’s generation.

At the time of failure youth majorly adds ‘kismat connection’ to it, what are your comments on it?

– There are decision making processes that we follow. Thorough decision making will have clear decision that will involve all the pros and cons of the situation. There are many concepts in the organization psychology that will define you about how to really reach the solution of a problem. Even if your business is not working then check back restart. That is generally how the improvement is made in organization processes also. And that is required in businesses also. Something is very fancy but it comes along with the shallowness there’s no depth in it. Unless you have depth people will not really like you. Because exploration of shallowness will end very soon, how many times will you repeat then? If you don’t know the depth of the subject or field then that will come to an end. And people will also get over with it. Somebody who has stopped learning then the life has stopped for him. It is like you have closed the door for knowledge and new development. So your company will never close because you are looking for the newer aspects and you are trying to improve yourself and your own products.

We have always seen few people who had to lead and few who had to follow then how these people must prepare themselves?

– I see leaders are the people who have this exceptional intelligence, perseverance, energy and exceptional things to understand people around. Leader should be a person looking whom people would like to follow them. That means you should be so much learned that people should think that I am still learning from them. I have seen leaders who want to captivate all the powers as a possessed possession. And then there is one leader who wants that whosoever working within him must grow. And I think second one is a better leader. Because whoever will work under second type of leader will never feel suffocated. As the leader have achieved his growth and he knows his success story. So he is working like a team. So down the line a leader should know the capacity of each individual and somewhere down the line he should be able to motivate others.


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