Creative and INNOVATIVE Communication for every startup


This week’s Innovate India has a solution for all startups, Dr. Praveen Tiwari is discussing about Creative and Innovative Communication with the Founder of CREATEEI Mr. Rajeev Shah.


Advertising and the media have drastically changed over the period. Now social media and digital platforms overpowered the conventional or traditional way of approaching the target audience. Still due to the lack of involvement in creative communication by many of the startups, they are suffering with the identity crisis.

Mr. Rajeev Shah Enumerates the imperativeness of A Professional Communication Agency and Importance of Creative Communication for the Startups

Need of the Professional Communication Agencies

Companies are serious about their products and ideas but they should be equally serious about approaching the target audience. They may good at their particular sphere but they should be equally great in understanding the Creative Communication.

For this purpose, they need professional communication agencies like us. As we have the complete focus on the research work for a particular product which make us understand the need of the target audience and how to project a product more efficiently to them.

Creative Communication over traditional communication strategies

Any communication can be creative but it has to have relevance. The research team is important for this process as they identify the current scenario for a particular product and also analyze the competitive market.

Refine, Align and the Define the product is the basis of creative communication. First of all,understanding the product or idea with every perspective is important, it helps us in refining the raw strategy. Then understanding the current market, and alignment with all the stakeholders of the product, is the next step where defining the thought, ideas and expression comes. Such a communication should be strategically designed and not random.Casualness may harm your efforts, so that you have to have a good awareness about the audience.

Don’t own a Websites instead of owning a bad one!

It’s better to have no website, instead of having an inactive of less impressive web site. Casual approach towards the website can hamper your impression on the target market.

Get it rightly done as website can change the course of time for you. Investing on it is always a profitable approach, if you are really serious about your business. A website is the face of a brand, and a strong touch point that is useful, engaging and relevant; that allows people to get associated in the long run.

What you offer might be of really good value, but how you offer does really matters and is of great importance, that too in a highly digitized market.

Need of the Branding for Startups

The value of an Idea, Product or service lies clearly in the mind of its founder first, whose brainchild it is; and that intent needs to be conveyed to the world.

Ifwe cannot do it ‘perfectly’, but definitely we can do it ‘Decently’ and when it is about branding, the opportunity won’t come again.

The need of a good online presence on social media platforms along with a good website is imperative for good branding.As it helps in creating favorable impression that impacts decisions.

We have heard that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but startups must believe that “a video is worth a thousand pictures”. Such a video can be showcased at all online presence including website, social media, etc. and at a premier annual event.

Strategy for Digital Marketing

Startups need a comprehensive digital Plan,where every online medium could be monitored, measured, optimized and tweaked to achieve the desired result.Inbound marketing campaigns are required for today’s competitive market.

You need to have a strategy to engage the audience with their own interest. Content, video, text, info graphics and in many other ways you can involve and engage people with you. Content on various digital platforms should not only be fresh & unique, but also entices & engages the audience.

Further it should be useful and relate to user’s need, such content helps in generating traffic too.Digital Marketing helps in establishing the true essence of brand and to get a favorable perceiving that creates lasting engagement and helps create conversation around the brand and product.

Last but not the least

Startups usually works with low budgets and small teams in that way hiring a professional communication agency is a good choice. You can review your growth time to time and assess the difference in that way the outcome of such an investment is quite visible and easily countable. For eg. CREATEEI is providing services like Branding & Communication, Advertising & Print Design Solutions, Customer Acquisition Solutions, Website Design & Development, Video Concept & Production, Ad Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Documentary, Creative Communication, Customized Printing for corporate, Customized Gifting Design Solutions.

Now suppose a startup will engage in all these activities than how would they focus on their core business? Better one should hire a good company and review the growth in initial level. Professional companies have professional researchers and are accountable for your positive communication output too.


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