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Ganga is considered as the life line of India; despite this the plight of Ganga is not hidden from anyone. In this we all are responsible and involved because we are sleeping; it is very unfortunate that Swami Sanand sacrificed his life for the dead people like us.

What was the need for an 86 year old Swami Sanand to discard food and water for the purity and continuity of ganga, except this he understood the usefulness of ganga better for future generation, except that he was emotional about the Ganga, he understood the inevitability of the Ganges more important than his life.

But unfortunately, in a country where Parliament can be run till midnight to save the political mileage, the rights of any terrorist is not slaughtered, for this, the honorable Judge may open the door of the Supreme court at midnight, there a tender voice of a saint in which there is no selfishness, rather the interest of the country and the government is involved, that elegiac voice was ignored. Because there was no political gain, there was no crisis in anybody’s position after his demise.

But through this demise it is necessary to consider it very seriously that government can only run through faith and compassion not through majority.

Modi government must understand that Swami was iterating the same thing which you have claimed to be to goal of your government in 2014. It was said at the time of Namami Gange project that in the next five years, Rs 20 thousand crore will be spent to make the Ganga clean.

It was also said in self-praise that, we have spent four times more the budget spent on the Ganga cleaning projects by different governments in past 30 years. Despite all these announcements, a saint in front of your own eyes, died with the dream of making possible your own so-called dream.

After all, we read the tweet of Prime Minister Modi, in which he says he is saddened by the demise of Swami Sanand, but was he unaware of the sacred purpose and unselfish demand of this fasting going on since June 22? Why in the monsoon session, no concrete initiative were taken to make an act to make the ganga clean? Why there was no significant work in the last four and a half years? Swami Gyan Swaroop stopped his own protest spread across India, believing on PM Modi’s oath about ganga itself in 2014.

But the current government could not retain the belief constant, and as a result Swami Sanand resumed his fast. The hunger strike of 113 days went regardless of any cacophony, and moved with dedication, and intention of mother ganga’s continuity ended with the life of a saint. But demise of Swami Sanand is a proof of government’s inactiveness and insensitivity in these four and a half years, and as I said, democracy very soon packs the bags of insensitive government. True tribute to Swami Sanands life.


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