Accountability court of Pakistan have given the verdict of 10 years of imprisonment to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and 7 years imprisonment to his daughter Mariyam Sharif. This decision has been declared for owning four luxurious flats in London’s EvenField house that is tax heaven house. These flats are worth Rs. 14 crore’s but Nawaz and his daughter have to give the fine of Rs. 73 crore’s and 18 crore’s respectively.
Supreme court itself wanted that the decision must be taken before the elections which is about to happen on 25 July so that the situation becomes crystal clear.
This decision won’t hamper in the political career of 68 years old Nawaz Sharif, as supreme court for lifelong have already constrained him from contesting elections in regard to the panama papers leak case, according to which neither he can be the president of his party nor can he contest any election. In a manner his political career has almost come to an end.
But due to this decision his daughter who is about to lift the burden of his political heritage, is affected the most. Mariyam was about to contest the elections from Lahore but now she can’t anymore.
It’s quite evident that the news related to any countries former prime minister being involved in a case of corruption is extremely shocking but in regards to the scenario in Pakistan these news are not so surprising, because not only Nawaz Sharif almost every politician of Pakistan is surrounded by the blames like this.
None of the Pakistan’s prime minister was able to complete the tenure of five years, and since the evolution of Pakistan the political incidents happening here have always been extremely dramatic. Among military, government and ISI, who owns more power and who starts ruling the nation is in doubts.
Against the recent decision by the court, it is possible to appeal in the higher court as Nawaz Sharif has already declared it as a conspiracy to shun him from contesting election. But the arrival of this verdict just before the elections have definitely shattered the biggest and the only hope of Nawaz Sharif in terms of Mariyam Sharif.


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