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As Government’s tenure is about to end and election is about to commence, public and opposition will ask for answers about the promises made by BJP.

Construction of Ram Mandir was also one such promise upon which people had shown their faith and voted a party after 30 years to complete majority, but in recent  four and half years; apart from rattling of court and rhetoric, government couldn’t do anything. Actually government can’t do anything because this issue is so complicated.

But the credibility and intentions of BJP leader scruples when Yogi Adityanath says to be ready for the construction of Ram mandir and Mohan Bhagwat demands of law.

You should understand that the reason behind promotion of the construction of Ram mandir will start from 6th December this year is just a misleading deed to crop votes. Because had it been so easier to built ram mandir on disputed land, then it would never had waited for 26 years.

Actually, the order of Lucknow High court to divide the disputed land in three parts was challenged by all the three concerned communities in Supreme Court. To which the trial has started but the issue will not be heard on religious ground but according to the land law of the country, and we still have the same civil law which was enacted by British in 1864.

After Babri Masjid demolition,  on 7th January 1993 a special ordinance ‘Ayodhya land acquisition’ was brought  and was passed in parliament as law, currently constitution bench has considered it legitimate and has dismissed the argument of Muslims that Mosques cannot be acquired as it is a religious place.

Now the question is that why this issue remained unsolved even the law in being framed in parliament? The answer is that the main hurdle is the same law, which was made in 1993, because on the same subject parliament can not make two laws.

The parliament can use its power to dismiss a law but not through ordinance. Hence it is very certain that the solution can only be achieved by hearing the case through land dispute.

Now, if you return to the promotion of temple construction before 6th December, then do all these things seem to be resolved so soon? Obviously not. If parliament enacts a law just to shut opposition and just to show off its will, still its legitimacy is in Supreme Court’s hand that whether it is constitutional or not.

That has been done in the issues related to reservation that for political benefits government enacts law and court dismisses it as unconstitutional. In this scenario the country which runs on faith has become a tool for politicians to shine their politics and politicians are very much aware of that.

Being a voter we have to decide whether we will let us to be used or will see the truth not through the prospective of a politician by but by our own vision. And the truth of Ram mandir is that, if it is built then it would only happen with the court’s decision that will take time.


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