India’s relations with Russia do not need any proof. These have been permitting for decades and the depth of these relationships has also been proved on the span of time. In view of this, the eighth visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to his fourth term holds great meaning for India. Even before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, both countries have extended long journeys at geographical, cultural, social and diplomatic level. It is also certain that apart from the exception, there has been no conflict of status either. This is the specialty of Indian foreign policy that with the change of governments, its policy does not change.

In recent years, such an assumption was started on the international scene that India is going a little away from this old and tested friend. It was a blow to Russia. That is why in the last few years, its direction appeared towards Pakistan. This was an indication for India. The good thing is that India has understood this point in time. Russia and China’s friendship with Pakistan would be a headache. A war with a single country always pulls the streak of the wind and do not forget that Russia and China’s armies have fought a war in the past. So permanent friendship from India is in the interest of both India and Russia. If you want to understand, the visits of the heads of the Nation give an opportunity to explore the fine fibers of relationships. Pay attention to this view that Putin has come twice to India in each of his tenures. Contrary to this he hasn’t gone to Pakistan once. Not only that, between 2007 and 2011, in place of Putin, President Dmitry Medvedev also visited India twice and did not go to Pakistan. In contrast, if we see China’s Presidential Visit, if he comes to India then he visits Pakistan first. Even he visited Maldives and Lanka before India. Putin’s visit this week will prove to be a far-reaching result for India this time. We can hope this. But in the seventy years, Russia is standing with India like a rock. There is a long journey from Bhilai Steel Plant to Kalpakkam Atomic Power Station.

If it is an absolute assessment then it is clear, that whenever there a small crack in the relations between the two countries is seen it was always India’s fault in it. All the emphasis is based on economic interests. America, which continued to quarrel with Pakistan after independence, it was forced to improve relations with India because in times of economic recession it needed the big markets of India. It is ordering to sacrifice India’s interests to teach Iran lessons. It is giving threats of banning India. Even earlier, India has taken such decisions keeping in view the US relations, whose losses have been suffered. India will have to prioritize its traditional friendship better than engaging in a US fight.


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