Whom Kajol Prefers?……….Ajay Devgn As An Actor Or As A Producer


One of the few reel-turned-real life couples in Bollywood is Kajol and Ajay Devgn, who have even proved #RelationshipGoals and remained our favorite over the decades. They have created magic onscreen with their artistic sensibility. And in fact, in recent time Ajay has also established himself as an ace producer-director, adding Kajol in the fans list.

Recently reel life Simran was asked to pick Ajay Devgn as an actor or Ajay Devgn as a producer, but she gave a totally varied answer.

“Both ways, he is very fine. (But) I think I take Ajay Devgn as a director over producer and actor. He is one of the finest that I have worked with. And he is one of those awesome combinations of practicality, technicality and expertise put together.” Kajol

Kajol in the movie U, Me Aur Hum was directed by Ajay. Currently, he turned producer for Kajol’s latest release Helicopter Eela. When asked if he was a strict producer who wouldn’t accept no for an answer, she agreed to that.

“Definitely. And that is his right as a producer to put his foot down and say that, ‘You must make it better’ or ‘You must work it like this.’ And he gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted.” Kajol


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