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Certainly, this time is very difficult for the credibility of the Modi government. Prime Minister Modi’s credentials that carried him to the peak of power with a huge majority in 2014; now the collapse in credibility is visible.

Government decisions have created a situation of dilemma and have again unmasked the character of power. In 2013, when the Supreme Court of India quoted CBI as Government’s pet parrot; surely the expectations of fair investigation through the CBI by the common public was shocked, but the remaining trust is more evaporating in today’s situation.

Just think that the officers holding the No 1 and No 2 position of the country’s largest investigating agency, have publicly made serious accusations of accepting bribery from the culprit just to get rid of serious corruption cases. Court has also considered the allegations as very serious.

But in a style the government sent both the directors on forced leave overnight, after that, it is imperative to question the actual reason, timing and legal validity of this decision.

It is being said that the CBI director Alok Verma was going to start the investigations of the case of Rafael, in this connection, Prashant Bhushan and Arun Shourie had submitted some documents to him. So smelling the arrival of the danger, his office was sealed over nightly. This event has worked to reveal the true face of the game of power, it is obvious that mere faces have changed, not the mood of power.

The questions have also been raised on the silence of Narendra Modi on Rafale deal. Prior to this, in the case of grave allegations involving Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar, the government’s carelessness and stubbornness have also come to the fore. Staying in the opposition, the party demanding resignation on the affirmation of morality, firstly waited with carelessness for Akbar’s return from abroad and then wasted few days in stubbornness, because Home Minister had already said once that no resignation will be made in this government.

Senior cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari’s statement made a mockery of democracy, he stated without any shame that we enriched all the promises because we did not believe that we would come to power.

Well apart from this, on 2 October in the lathi charge decision on farmers was a glimpse of also improvidence and dictatorship, and also overturning the verdict of Supreme Court on SC-ST Act shows that the Governments only works for vote bank, not for democracy.

All the arguments are given behind the Demonetization fallen on the ground when 99.30 % of notes returned to RBI, and when the decision was a failure, then Modi switched on the silent mode. Actually indeed, by giving loans to Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, it was a measure to avoid the banks from being bankrupted for which public patriotism was used.

On the return of the black money, government alliance within just 8 days of formation the government making the S.I.T could not give any outcome on it even after four and a half years.

The result of investing a budget of 20,000 crores in Project like Namami Gange was also useless because the file could not move further from PMO. We all saw the extreme of insensitivity when Swami Sanand sacrificed his life only demanding a strong law for the purity of Ganga.

Well, the purpose of saying all of this is just that governments are run with credentials and the governments who have lost its credibility to the public show the way out.

In 1984 after Rajiv Gandhi, the first time the nation elected Narendra Modi with the complete majority but the way in the next election Mr. Clean had to face defeat, somewhere similar situation is not arising for Narendra Modi, this he himself have to understand through his decisions.


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