“In a world where terrorism, radicalization, extremism and mindless hate are dividing nations as well as societies, his clarion calls of peace and ahimsa have the power to unite humanity.”

Said our prime minister of India on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The Gandhi Jayanti of the year 2k18 will be remembered forever with the contrary actions for which we remembered Gandhi. Our father of nation believed and surpassed the path and values of Ahimsa (non-violence), and kept it above all. But today Bapu would be extremely ashamed of what happened on October 2nd.


Thousands of farmers on October 2nd marched towards Delhi demanding from farm loan waiver to cut in fuel prices, blocking traffic movement on arterial roads leading to the national capital.

National highways leading to the national capital were flooded with farmers who came in from across the country as far as Gonda, Basti, and Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh along with the sugarcane belt of western Uttar Pradesh. Protestors were stopped at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border by police using water cannons to disperse them. And ironically, first International Day of Non-Violence was declared by the UN on the 150th birth anniversary of Bapu.

On Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, anniversary UN chief Antonio Guterres visited India and went to pay tribute to Rajghat along with our Prime minister, while they were paying tribute thousands of farmers at Delhi border were getting injured by the police. And in fact, Police itself has accepted that they used 20 tear gas shells and water cannons to manage the crowd. Where humanity got lost when old farmers laathi charged mercilessly? As PM were protecting the international image of our nation but was unable. Because whenever a twig is also moved in the national capital whole international media project it in some of the other ways. And imagine the angle that UN Chief is in Delhi and situation as thousands of Indian citizens were facing violence by the orders of its own government.



PM on several occasions hailed Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to nation building and hailed him as a source of inspiration for his ambitious programs. But while acting he forgot that Gandhi always supported non-violence and on Gandhi Jayanti government permitted the violence on the borders, on those feeders who provide us the food to survive.

 “Bapu always said that think of the last person in the queue, the poorest person, and serve the underprivileged. Inspired by this ideal we are serving the poor.” –PM


We all are aware of the cruel fact that half of the Indian agricultural household is carrying the burden of debt besides facing various issues of unviable and unsustainable farming. Earlier Congress government claimed to have solved all the issues through the farm loan waiver scheme which later turned out to be a scam of Rs 52,000 crore.

After coming to power, its successor, NDA headed by Narendra Modi observed six major issues that were plaguing farmers; however, a majority of them remain buried in powerpoint presentations prepared by dozen top bureaucrats. You didn’t attempt a scam, but you didn’t try to stop the actions that were causing major fatalities? Current governments hate to be called as Godse’s followers but the recent orders and actions proved congress right.

“Those who follow the ideology of Godse cannot understand Gandhism.  Gandhiji gave his life for his core values. But wherever Modi goes, he creates hatred and anger.” –Rahul Gandhi

Rural India is very fondly pronounced as ‘Bharat’ by our politicians. Which they only remember at the time of electoral dividends. In our, Rural India estimated 90.2 million agricultural households are dependent mainly on cultivation. But among them, 52% of households are under the debt of an average Rs. 47,000 per household. In fact, only 455 of the land is irrigated and to create additional irrigation potential, there is a mammoth shortage of funds.

In a situation as such if farmers won’t suicide then they’ll already die due to the shortage of basic needs.


“We are working towards ensuring that income of our hardworking farmers double by 2022” –PM Modi

“For the first time, we have decided that MSP will be 1.5 times the input cost of farmers” – PM Modi

“We are focusing on ‘Beej Se Bazar Tak’. We are creating a system which benefits farmers from the time of sowing the seeds till selling the produce in markets” –PM Modi

“Neem coating of urea has benefitted the farmers immensely” –PM Modi

“Through e-NAM, farmers can now directly sell their products in the markets; this has eliminated middlemen” –PM Modi

But this time it’s very hard for the government to remove mud already splashed from its name in the upcoming 2019 elections. In fact, being extremely conscious about the international image government fell so down that they didn’t even care about a day that symbolizes the non-violence, not in only in India but across the globe.


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