Garima Singh
Editor In Chief

Are we really cursed to keep the oxygen cylinder with us every moment in the coming time? It is very scary to even imagine that we will not have clean air to breathe and we will die of suffocation. But the way in which circumstances have existed in Delhi NCR for the past several days, after that, the fear is not even fuzzy. People have stopped going on the morning walk by looking at dangerous air pollution; you will find people wearing masks around. Imagine that the Central Pollution Control Board has declared Delhi’s Air Quality Index as 395, which is just 5 less than the level considered as severe. In different parts of Delhi, it has reached 446.

Obviously, it is not difficult to understand how frightening the situation is, but why our governments fail to understand this? The question is, why cannot a concrete policy on air quality management be made, in which air quality, sources of air pollution, carbon emission, and air quality monitoring equipment are evaluated for the adopted technique to prevent pollution and reduce emissions. In this process, there are politicians, national agencies, industrial units, scientists, working groups on environment and laymen are involved.

Not just national policy in many cities in our country there is no monitoring system as well, which means we don’t even know that how is the air quality there. The monitoring system is better in Delhi. So the dangerous situation there comes to us in statistics. But it may be possible that such a dangerous situation is similar in other places too. Negligence is so much that day-by-day industrial units are furiously blowing smoke, and the governments are sleeping. They are not able to understand that policies related to development or schemes will only work for the people when they get breathable air and they can stay alive.

Indeed, the development program in our country is determined according to the political gains, not according to the ecosystem. But politicians must include the issue of air quality to development goals as soon as possible, leaving this selfish approach. Agriculture and Industrial Units should be allowed on this condition that their techniques will not spoil or pollute the climate; their emissions will be within the parameters. In which all states go beyond geographical boundaries and cooperate together. Current time is definitely the danger call, and alerting us as an alarm that still is conscious otherwise negligence done in the present will suffocate in future and in it the politicians themselves will not be able to breathe.


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